Pantheon For Agencies (re-)Launch

Pantheon makes it easier for creative technology agencies like Molly Duggan Associates to focus on what we do best—delivering exceptional projects. Every time.

Molly Duggan Associates selected Pantheon for Agencies website development and hosting platform as our preferred environment for building, launching, and managing our clients' websites. Pantheon delivers performance, security and scale as a service making it easier to build, launch and run professional websites.

"Pantheon has streamlined the process providing the one stop server infrastructure that helps to ensure that Molly Duggan Associates' client websites are running optimally.  Using Pantheon's one-click site launching feature makes launching a site fast and efficient. The added efficiency allows Molly Duggan Associates' engineers and developers more time to focus on what they do best—strategy, architecture and writing excellent code—rather than handling server administration. Simply put, we focus on our areas of expertise and Pantheon focuses on keeping our clients' websites live, " explains Molly Duggan, CEO and founder of Molly Duggan Associates.

Today, Pantheon is taking another step to make it easier for agencies like ours to build and manage websites. Pantheon is announcing the largest release of free features since they started supporting Wordpress in 2012. They're calling it Pantheon for Agencies. If you are an agency, you can sign up, and it costs nothing.
These new features unlock a suite of free tools such as:

  • A master view of all your Drupal and WordPress websites
  • Multidev for all sites in your agency so developers can work together
  • Change Management for managing organizational roles
  • Tagging to keep everything organized

Why does Molly Duggan Associates partner with Pantheon?

  • Pantheon accelerates our website building
  • We can spin up prototypes on our first client meeting
  • Deploy and manage version control for all of our sites
  • Update dozens of client sites in one place
  • Offer out-of-the-box web products with our custom codebase
  • Assign routine updates to anyone on our team

About Pantheon

In 2012, Pantheon released their free website management platform that delivers Drupal and Wordpress as a service and gives web development professionals a suite of best practice tools like separate dev, test and live environments and git version control.