Brilliance Knows No Gender: Eliminating Bias In Chatbot Development

Molly Duggan

Molly Duggan

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Molly Duggan Associates’ service Conversation Orchestrator was recently featured in Forbes, “Brilliance Knows No Gender: Eliminating Bias In Chatbot Development.” Read an excerpt from the article below.

In 2018 Duggan started working with AI or virtual assistants and created a service offering called Conversation Orchestrator — the following year (2019), they received an award for work in the Conversational Marketing space from Drift — after becoming a solutions partner that year. 

The single most exciting thing about the virtual assistant space, in Duggan’s opinion, is mapping human behavior to scripted conversations that deliver results for our customers. 

“You would think people would rather talk to a human,” said Duggan. Instead, Duggan found that when salespeople tried to prompt a conversation with, “Hi! I’m Sam. Let me know if you have any questions or you can call me at…”, the conversations never happened. 

However, suppose a brand prompts a visitor with a question around a particular pain point gleaned by context from the page they’re on. In that case, the customer typically will respond as if it’s a survey or to confirm, “Yes, I do have that problem.” 

“Once that happens,” says Duggan, “the conversation script starts, and if we do our job right, we can guide the customer to what they need and educate them along their journey. Our goal is to help them get what they need while creating a delightful experience.” 

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