How Color Impacts Your Brand

Molly Duggan

Molly Duggan

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Color can impact our emotional state. Our brains are programmed to respond rapidly to color. Red means stop, and green means go.

You have only seconds to convey your brand’s essence, personality, and positioning to your target audience. Few communication tools apart from color offer meaning and message as rapidly and as wordlessly as color. We remember color first, shapes second, and finally words.

Think of the world’s most memorable brands: the red of the Coca-Cola is instantly identifiable.

Before settling for a safe blue or an environmentally friendly green, consult with Molly Duggan Associates. We will help define a brand personality to ensure an emotional connection with your target audience that is favorable and effortlessly recalled.

Molly Duggan Associates provides unparalleled services to public and private sector clients working on some of the most significant higher education, infrastructure, technology, environmental remediation, and health care programs in the Bay Area and the world.

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