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The Power of One — ONESF

In 2011, the City of San Francisco hired Molly Duggan Associates to provide strategic communications support and build awareness for the City's critical infrastructure needs. In response, Molly Duggan Associates developed the civic pride brand, ONESF and launched the corresponding ONESF Campaign, promoting San Francisco as a premier place to work and live. The campaign represents the City’s commitment to building a stronger future through the Mayor and Board of Supervisors, ten-year Capital Plan. The Capital Plan anticipates nearly $27 billion in funding across all service areas and department types.

In response to concerns from City leaders and citizens, Mayor Gavin Newsom and the Board of Supervisors passed legislation in August 2005 requiring the City to annually develop and adopt a ten-year capital expenditure plan for city-owned facilities and infrastructure. This legislation also created the Capital Planning Committee (CPC) and the Capital Planning Program (CPP). From street repairs to new world-class museums to new cruise terminals and a secure water system, the City and County of San Francisco is continuously working to improve the City for those who live, work, and recreate here. At any given time, the City is engaged in hundreds of capital improvements in several major programs that are making lives better in San Francisco.

Client summary

The San Francisco Department of Public Works is a world class public works organization that contributes to making San Francisco a beautiful, livable, vibrant, and sustainable city. DPW enhances the quality of life in San Francisco by providing outstanding public service. We design, build, operate, maintain, green, and improve the city's infrastructure, public rights-of-way, and facilities with skill, pride, and responsiveness, in partnership with the San Francisco community.

The City and County of San Francisco's $24 billion 2012-2021 Capital Plan accompanies the Capital Planning Program’s new public outreach effort entitled ONESF: Building Our Future.

“ONESF is vital to the preservation of what makes San Francisco a world-class city,” said Edwin Lee, City Administrator. “During these past five years – and despite a tough economic climate – San Francisco is renovating libraries, rebuilding parks, and retrofitting hospitals – all while creating jobs and stimulating the economy.”

The Capital Plan was created in 2005 by Mayor Gavin Newsom and the Board of Supervisors, the Capital Plan guides infrastructure investments for our parks, recreation centers, hospitals, utility, transportation, streets, public safety buildings and other public assets.

Through the ONESF website residents can access information about all major city-planned capital projects. The site also reports on specific policy issues such as repairing city streets or modernizing San Francisco’s unique emergency water system.

ONESF represents the City’s united commitment to building a better future for all San Franciscans: strengthening our security, expanding a vibrant economy, and maintaining our high quality of life.

There’s only one San Francisco. Let’s take care of it. Please visit the website: for more information on the Capital Planning Program.


Since the first Plan was in created in 2006, the City has made significant progress in addressing critical infrastructure needs. Over the past five years voters have approved five General Obligation (G.O.) bonds totaling $1.9 billion to seismically strengthen and modernize key facilities, parks, and street infrastructure. Additionally, the City has renovated, opened, or broken ground on a wide range of improvements to critical roadways, libraries, hospitals, water delivery system and other utilities, airport grounds and structures, port infrastructure, and the transit system. The City has also furthered its commitment to “greening” its infrastructure by continuing to use energy efficient materials and designing new buildings to be Leadership in Energy Efficiency and Design (LEED) Gold or Platinum certified.

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