AHS Connect Enterprise Intranet

AHS Connect Enterprise Intranet

The Alameda Health System (AHS) is a large and functionally diverse organization.  Cross-functional communication depends upon consolidating the different subgroups’ information campaigns under a common umbrella. When employees stated that they were unable to get work done on the organization’s existing intranet, the AHS IT and Communications Departments approached Molly Duggan Associates to build a new system. The goal of our new intranet was to guarantee AHS staff quick access to essential operational information and resources through the provision of a comprehensive clearinghouse of forms, personnel, and payroll information along with additional features such as calendars that allowed for room and equipment reservations.

The organization was in transition, and an expansion was underway. Multiple campuses were added to the original AHS Family of entities, increasing the need for an intranet that was flexible, consistent, coordinated, and— to take AHS into the 21st Century with a thoughtful approach to governance—which utilized best practices.

Molly Duggan Associates designed and developed a best in its class Drupal intranet and trained AHS staff to use their new system. The Drupal intranet is designed to be a resource where teams collaborate and share resources throughout the organization. A communications plan and a toolkit complete with a roadmap and rollout resources were delivered to help ensure an easy transition.

Client Summary

Alameda Health System (AHS) is a major public health care provider and medical training institution recognized for its world-class patient and family-centered system of care.

Through a welcomed partnership between patient, family and the healthcare team, AHS provides comprehensive, high quality medical treatment, health promotion, disease prevention and health maintenance in an integrated system of hospitals, clinics, and health services. As a training institution, AHS maintains an environment that is supportive of a wide range of educational programs and activities, including education of medical students, interns, residents, continuing education for medical nursing, and other staff, along with medical research.

AHS's campuses are located in Oakland, CA., and the East Bay area.




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