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Ready to 10X Your Event Registration Experience with Conversational Marketing? 7 Steps to Get You There.

Erik Cochran

Erik Cochran

If you’re not familiar with Drift and conversational marketing, it’s a new way for marketers to engage, educate, and guide website visitors. Drift helps you qualify leads faster while creating more meetings for your sales and marketing team through conversational marketing. If you’re already on-board with Drift and are looking for new and innovative ways to use the platform, you’ve come to the right place.

As marketers, we understand that the customer journey for an event often begins on your website. This critical first impression — where the event is publicized and attendees register — should be as frictionless as possible.

Today, we’re reducing friction in the event awareness and registration process by orchestrating conversations through Drift. In this blog post, you’ll learn how to use Drift to gather registrations and send automated email confirmations with calendar links, event reminder emails to contact segments, and post-event thank-you emails.

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