About Us

All brand and technology decisions are rooted in the end goal or mission

We are a team of strategists, creatives, and technologists on the forefront of technology who partner with innovators and visionaries passionate about their work. We understand how culture and technology intersect at specific moments in specific projects to influence brands. We focus on the why and not just the how. We are dedicated to understanding your needs and creating solutions to help you educate, engage, enhance, and expand.

Your project is not just a job to us. This is our life’s work.

Molly Duggan Associates is a multi-disciplined media and technology agency with the experience and expertise to deliver powerful strategic communications to your most important audiences. Our services provide brands a real and measurable presence in the lives of their customers across all media channels. We are an interdisciplinary community of strategists, designers, entrepreneurs, engineers, filmmakers, storytellers, researchers, developers, musicians, and more. Together, our values propel our work as we build the future with our customers.

We are a partner that will bring your vision to life.

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