Build a Role-Model Brand

With Molly Duggan Associates Creative Team, you gain a powerful resource to help shape your company’s vision.

Gaining a 360° view of your brand touchpoints requires an end-to-end analysis of where and how your customers relate to your organization.

We specialize in weaving your organizational story throughout each customer touchpoint, such as advertising campaigns, website properties, social media platforms, and real-world environments. Collaborating with your team, we help deliver strategic campaigns that are useful, entertaining, and simply beautiful.​

Ready to build a role-model brand?

A successful brand doesn't just happen. There are no shortcuts. It is a continuum of strategic, creative, and operational decisions that, if executed consistently, put your brand on the path to cultural relevancy, customer advocacy, and organizational growth. To successfully refresh your brand, you must rethink your product, story, culture, and customer approach. When you partner with Molly Duggan, you gain access to the brightest and most talented strategists and creative visionaries in the industry.

What makes your organization different?

There’s a huge amount of competition today to stand out in a crowd. Businesses invest in creating a strong brand that will get and keep people’s attention and get some control over how people perceive your business.Businesses that invest in creating a strong brand attract people’s attention and gain control over how people perceive your organization. Our creative services are designed to help your organization work with us seamlessly.

Brilliant Brand

Refresh your brand and grow revenue.

While a rebrand is a total reset, a brand refresh allows a company to refine and highlight its unique position in the marketplace, focus on how the brand is experienced in moments of intersection with your buyers, and reinforce its value with the people who matter most.

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Brilliant Brand

Enhancing Your Customer Insight: A Comprehensive Approach

Obtaining a comprehensive 360° understanding of your customers and brand interactions demands a thorough end-to-end analysis, a challenge recognized by seasoned CMOs. If you’re eager to expedite growth and spearhead a website functioning at its peak efficiency, our CEO, Molly Duggan, has delved deep into this topic. Dive into her insights on our Curious Mind Blog and explore new avenues for progress.

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Included Services

Our clients rely on Molly Duggan for…

Brand Strategy

Brand positioning workshops

Brand audits 

Brand refresh and extension

Branded workspaces

Branded lobbies

Stakeholder interviews

Advertising campaigns

Brand Toolkit

Color palette



Photography library

Illustration library

Collateral templates

Presentation templates

Messaging and content development

Brand Touchpoints

Digital banner advertisements and animations

Website design

UX / UI design

Lead page design


Case studies


Explainer videos

Brand story films

Silent banner movies

Video series (lightboard, whiteboard, documentary, how-it’s-made)

Physical spaces


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