How Berkeley Law Created a Magazine Highlighting the Challenges Facing Human Rights Researchers

What we did


Human Rights is at the center of the Spring-Summer 2010 issue of the Transcript Magazine.

Molly Duggan Associates works closely with Berkeley Law to produce a magazine that takes compelling look at the influences and challenges facing human rights researchers today. The story follows a pair of UC researchers as they risk their lives to help bring human rights to the Central African Republic. This issue of the magazine also tackles the challenges faced by California’s prison system. Find out why Berkeley Law’s Jonathan Simon thinks California’s penal system is punishing the entire state. On the lighter side, enjoy learning about some of the Bay Areas most delicious restaurants from litigator and restaurateur Stuart Gordon.

Mapping Human Rights

A pair of UC researchers (and life partners) risk their lives to help bring human rights to the Central African Republic. Also, a Q&A with Jonathan Simon ’87, who thinks California’s penal system is punishing the entire state. And for litigator and restaurateur Stuart Gordon ’65, life’s a banquet. Plus: Welcome aboard!
 Berkeley Law adds to its faculty ranks.

View other back issues that Molly Duggan Associates produced below.

Fall-Winter 2009

The Berkeley Center on Health, Economic & Family Security helps bring to light a stunning transformation of American society. Featuring a Q&A with Maria Shriver and excerpts from the Shriver Report edited by Ann O’Leary’05. Veteran California legislator Joe Simitian ’77 wades in to play a leadership role in California’s water reform battle. And President Obama tapped several Berkeley Law alumni for important administration posts.


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