Transforming Panavision: Molly Duggan’s Pivotal Role in Launching a Decade’s Top Product

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In the realm of digital transformation and innovative brand experiences, Panavision, a leading designer and manufacturer of high-precision camera systems and lenses for the motion picture and television industries, embarked on a transformative journey in collaboration with Molly Duggan.

This case study presents a comprehensive overview of our partnership, highlighting how a shared commitment to innovation, strategic thinking, and client-centric solutions shaped the landscape of modern cinematography. For over seven decades, Panavision has maintained its legacy as a trailblazer in the motion picture industry. However, the challenge of remaining relevant in an ever-evolving landscape led Panavision to seek a strategic partnership that could revitalize its brand identity, enhance its digital presence, and equip filmmakers with cutting-edge tools.


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Project 1: Forging a New Digital Identity

Molly Duggan Associates undertook the task of revitalizing Panavision’s digital identity, balancing its storied history with its forward-looking vision. Our agency’s proficiency in branding, content development, and creative direction culminated in a dynamic Drupal website. This website showcased Panavision’s leadership in optics and production support, engaging visitors with an immersive experience. By embracing a modern digital presence, we reinforced Panavision’s position as an industry leader, driving engagement and fostering brand loyalty.

Setting The Brand Tone: Panavision's "Pushing The Boundaries Commercial"

Creating Panavision's Visual Identity

Ensuring Cohesion Across All Brand Touchpoints From Print to Digital Panavision's "Imagine The Possibilities Brochure"

Project 2: Launching the Revolutionary DXL 8K Digital Camera

Panavision’s most anticipated launch, the DXL 8K Digital Camera, marked a significant shift in cinematography technology. Molly Duggan Associates’ involvement spanned branding, content development, and creative direction. To effectively communicate the camera’s transformative features, our agency created a dynamic website that not only showcased the camera’s capabilities but also provided an immersive experience for filmmakers. Through compelling visuals and content, we conveyed how the DXL 8K Camera empowers filmmakers to achieve new levels of creativity and storytelling precision.

16 Stops. 35 Megapixels.1600 Native ISO. The camera was a game-changer requiring a rich product site detailing the entire ecosystem of products and accessories as well as the features of the camera. The Millennium DXL2 ecosystem offered full end-to-end solutions from 8K capture and large-format optics to streamlined 8K and proxy workflows." — Molly Duggan, CEO, Molly Duggan Associates

Showcasing The DXL2 On A Dynamic Product Microsite

The DXL website is designed to highlight features essential to creative processes such as camera, optics, color, and workflow. The site presents cinematographers with an entire ecosystem of tools to bring their creative vision to life. Legendary cinematographers anticipating the launch were featured on the website providing testimonials and product demos. As the first camera with built-in electronic and interchangeable Flexible Modules that allowed cinematographers to customize the body shape, design, and function, the product came with great anticipation.

The large-format camera is the heart of a complete imaging ecosystem designed from filmmakers’ perspectives, seamlessly incorporating Panavision’s unmatched optics and camera architecture, the RED MONSTRO 8K VV sensor, and Light Iron color2 science (LiColor2).

Panavision DXL Promotional Merchandise

Project 3: Redefining Cinematography with Game-Changing Lenses

Panavision’s Primo 70 Series lenses represented a revolutionary advancement in optical performance for large sensor digital cameras. Molly Duggan Associates crafted a comprehensive campaign strategy to redefine how the industry perceived Panavision’s innovation. Leveraging our expertise in branding, campaign development, content creation, and photography, we executed a whisper campaign that generated intrigue and excitement within the motion picture community. By spotlighting the groundbreaking capabilities of the lenses, we positioned Panavision as a pioneer in advancing cinematography.

Lenses Deserving of Stunning Product Photography

Every Product Launch Needs A Spectacular Website

An Sometimes Launching With A Social Media "Whisper" (Campaign) Speaks The Loudest

Project 4: Enabling Creative Exploration with PANASCOUT:

The launch of PANASCOUT, a pre-production application for filmmakers and location scouts, embodied Panavision’s commitment to technology-driven solutions. Molly Duggan Associates played a crucial role in branding, content development, and mobile application development. Our agency’s expertise ensured that PANASCOUT not only streamlined location scouting but also fostered collaboration among creative teams. By seamlessly integrating data capture and sharing, we empowered filmmakers to explore locations more efficiently, enhancing the overall production process.

PANASCOUT features video capture in PANAFRAME, a framing overlay that displays a choice of aspect ratios from true widescreen 2.40 (Anamorphic), to 1.85 (Super 35mm), 1.78 (16:9 HD), and 1.33 (4:3) and custom. Metadata automatically incorporates date/time, file name, focal length, aspect ratio, and any notes added by the user, which can be saved to a folder or the device’s library. A “Map it” button allows photos to be plotted on a map identifying the exact location where they were taken. Additionally, by clicking the “P” button, users can find contact information for the closest Panavision office anywhere in the world.

Project 5: Illuminating Panavision's Impact through Imapctful Commercials

Panavision’s collaboration with Molly Duggan Associates extended to the creation of a commercial that encapsulated its role in shaping and transforming the industry. Our agency’s expertise in creative direction, branding, and content development led to the production of an impactful advertisement. Through compelling visuals and messaging, the commercial highlighted Panavision’s unparalleled optics and optimized camera systems. This commercial served as a testament to Panavision’s ability to drive innovation and reshape the landscape of cinematography.

Panavision Commercial

Camerimage International Film Festival of Cinematography DXL 8K Camera Commercial

Set design, sourcing, and talent scouting are all in day’s work when producing short films and commercials for Panavision. As part of a year-long campaign unveiling the groundbreaking Millennium DXL 8K Camera, Panavision reached out to Molly Duggan to create a product commercial to introduce the new Millennium DXL 8K camera at Camerimage International Film Festival of Cinematography in Bydgoszcz, Poland. The advertisement ran before the screening of the iconic tale of mystery aboard the legendary train, Murder on the Orient Express on the opening night of Camerimage.

The collaboration with Panavision and Molly Duggan Associates resulted in a successful product launch across all brand touchpoints. Learn more about our work in brand positioning, design, and development of the Millennium DXL 8K Camera website.

Behind the Scenes: Filming the Commercial

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The partnership between Panavision Inc. and Molly Duggan Associates epitomizes the convergence of visionary thinking, innovation, and strategic execution. Across various projects spanning digital platforms, tools, and campaigns, we showcased the power of technology in shaping modern cinematography. Our shared journey redefines what’s possible when an agency’s expertise merges with a client’s visionary goals. Together, we’ve elevated brands, enhanced experiences, and left an indelible mark on the industry.

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Embarking on a comprehensive journey with Molly Duggan is more than a search for solutions; it’s an immersive partnership that propels exceptional growth and innovation. As visionary leaders and decision-makers, you’re not merely clients – you’re transformation partners. Our 360-degree marketing approach ensures that every step aligns with your brand’s holistic vision, integrating creativity, data-driven insights, automation, and innovation to steer you towards unparalleled success.

Client Summary

Panavision Inc. is a leading designer and manufacturer of high-precision camera systems, including both film and digital cameras, and lenses and accessories for the motion picture and television industries. Renowned for its worldwide service and support, Panavision systems are rented through its domestic and internationally owned and operated facilities and distributor network.


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