How ClearSale Used the Power of Conversational Orchestrator to Increase Prospect Pipeline and Drive Growth

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The Challenge: How do you get new visitors where they need to be in an easy way with so much information to digest?

A high monthly volume of new site traffic means getting informed visitors where they need to be — faster — and with a higher likelihood of converting.

ClearSale, an industry leader in eCommerce Fraud protection with over 20 years of experience in the field, creates easy online shopping experiences for their customers while safeguarding against both the simplest and more complex forms of fraud. With hundreds of fraud prevention experts and over 4000 clients worldwide, the company couldn’t afford to have confused website traffic searching for relevant information. With a plethora of content to digest along the typical buyer journey, ClearSale needed to find a way to inform and help navigate customers to the most relevant corners of their site via sophisticated segmentation and data. In other words — the old chatbot devoid of strategy would not do.

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The Solution: Strategies and Playbooks were optimized w/o sacrificing traditional form submissions.

To direct people to the right place on their site, ClearSale needed a partner who could provide a comprehensive Conversational Marketing audit, deeply understand their website funnel, repair pages with high bounce rates, and realize the sort of visitor engagement playbooks that would increase conversions. 

ClearSale had worked with bots internally but they were cumbersome and required a significant  effort to optimize — with minimal results. Once they kicked off their search for an expert, Drift was their first stop for a referral. The leader in Conversational Marketing technology, Drift quickly recommended a trusted award-winning partner agency, Molly Duggan Associates, with the goal of increasing sales to see if the directional change facilitated by Intelligent Virtual Selling Assistants was the contributing factor. This tool allows marketing teams to create playbooks tailored to a visitor’s journey on the site, and Molly Duggan provides the guidance and expertise to strategically engage visitors at the right time in their journey. For example, you can have the ingredients you need to bake a delicious cake, but if you get the proportions wrong or set the oven to the wrong temperature, your cake is going to come out with surprises. Similarly, when done right – with expert timing and understanding of the buyer’s journey – the conversational marketing experience builds trust and accelerates revenue with great efficiency. Less than 30 days from contract-signing, ClearSale witnessed a quick, efficient, and welcomed improvement to their customer acquisition landscape. Through it all, they believed if they could leverage Conversational Marketing effectively, the results would come and they did.

Molly Duggan’s Conversation Orchestrator service increased customer engagement both with high-intent buyers and visitors seeking a ClearSale solution.

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Molly Duggan’s Conversation OrchestratorSM service (powered by Drift) was the clear choice to help unleash the potential of Intelligent Virtual Selling Assistants.

Reducing Prospect Leakage

“We needed an agency who could maximize Drift technology strategically and powerfully with measurable results,” said Sarah Elizabeth Zilenovski, Chief Marketing Officer at ClearSale. “Molly Duggan not only showed us how, but they were friendly, experienced, and adaptive to the nuances of our business.”

Three months after optimizing for Molly Duggan’s strategies and playbooks, the number of meetings booked — a pivotal precursor to actual conversions later down-funnel — increased 30% in just 60 days. “The near immediacy of the results and how clearly attributable they were to the chat optimizations was impressive. We didn’t realize the power of these targeted playbooks until we started working with someone who knew how to leverage them effectively, ” said Sarah.

Most importantly, the increased bookings did not come at the expense of traditional form submissions for ClearSale, and more people were directed towards meaningful support channels than ever before. “Conversation Orchestrator did not cannibalize our regular forms. Those numbers stayed solid, and new bookings were created in addition to the old,” Sarah. In fact, Conversation Orchestrator created a form-pages bot attracting visitors to schedule a demo rather than fill out a form – the engagement rate was a staggering 54%.

A huge differentiator for Conversation Orchestrator’s success comes from a deep customer knowledge, applied strategy and precision of execution. Conversation Orchestrator is more than a service. Conversation Orchestrator delivers customer enablement at scale.

Optimizing for Pre-Qualification

In the past, the setback had been in the prequalification process: visitors were making it through to a sales rep without having been properly segmented by need, size, or solution. The breakthrough was the coordinated assignment of questions and answers based on the conversation, which led to the increase of prequalified visitors being sent to the right destination at the right point in their journey. Once the visitor booked a meeting or demo, ClearSale had instant access to Drift Intelligence, which instantly provided more signal information than they ever had before.

“The conversion rate that jumps out ahead of all others for us is that 25% of visitors that interact with our Intelligent Selling Assistants convert to a booked meeting,“ said David Fletcher, SVP of Sales at ClearSale. “We are seeing 20 to 25 more clients per month after only 3 months, and I believe that number will only continue to grow.”

Making life easier for BDR’s and SDR’s 

The Conversation Orchestrators at Molly Duggan Associates consistently created playbook opportunities utilized by ClearSale to work harder and more efficiently while providing support to marketing and sales and accelerating revenue. The intel gathered by ClearSale’s Virtual Selling Assistants put BDRs and SDRs in the revenue fast lane by being better informed for meaningful and productive selling conversations. This cooperation increased the efficiency of the process of qualifying inbound traffic and ultimately improved the conversion from lead capture to new customer.

“Drift moves beyond the traditional model of form submission, intake, email back and forth, and meeting creation. Now we can help our clients get there faster and with far happier customers,” says Erik Cochran, Molly Duggan’s Senior Conversation Orchestrator.

“Potential customers are looking for convenience and value, and Conversation Orchestrator meets new customers where they are instead of forcing them somewhere that they ought to be,” says Erik.“ The ability to schedule a meeting directly in an SDR’s or Salesperson’s calendar or instantly connect a qualified prospect to the proper salesperson increases the pipeline significantly.”

To say Molly Duggan Associates implemented Drift successfully for our team is putting it mildly. Not only have they moved the needle in new customer opportunities, they created higher quality opportunities.

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Automation is a Key to Growth

“For a company like ClearSale, automation is one of the keys to growth. No matter how well-built or thought-out their buyer journeys are, the complexity of curating towards every customer typology is daunting; having an AI that understands what prospects are asking for and is able via segmentation to deliver highly relevant answers is a huge plus ,” explains Molly Duggan, CEO, Molly Duggan Associates 

The conversations themselves are more productive and informative, and the chat goes a long way towards turning a cold prospect into a warm one. “Our data indicates that people who convert tend to interact with chat several times, building trust. Because of how informative and relevant the conversation becomes, the experience overall is a real boon to customer delight and trust in the company,” says Molly.

The Results: ClearSale increased qualified leads by 30% in just 60 days and looks to grow that number significantly over time.

Revenue acceleration is critical for any business, and for ClearSale that means reducing friction along the funnel while delivering more value to prospects. With Conversation Orchestrator’s innovative and scalable approach, the pipeline will continue to grow and conversions along with it.

Conversation Orchestrator and Molly Duggan Associates were able to optimize ClearSale’s website funnel by leveraging the power of AI to customize playbooks and create relevant and robust conversations with prospects. Without sacrificing traditional form submissions, ClearSale increased qualified leads by 30% in just 60 days and looks to grow that number significantly over time.

ClearSale is now looking ahead to replacing forms with Drift playbook CTA’s, creating playbooks that adapt based on whether a visitor arrived at the website from organic or paid search, and playbook translations. Molly Duggan Associates has already converted some playbooks to Spanish with plans to create Portuguese translations too.

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