Easterseals Made Its Brand Part of the Everyday in Its Office

What we did


When an organization begins to take a holistic view of its brand, it becomes clear that the office has the potential to be much more than a workspace.

It can be a destination, a communication tool, an extension of the brand. Nowhere is this more true than Easterseals, which turned to Molly Duggan Associates to rethink its Bay Area offices in California as part of a larger rebranding effort.The nonprofit supports the needs of families facing the challenges of disability. It needed workplaces that reflected this important work. Molly Duggan Associates extended branding across all touchpoints — architectural floor plans, finishes, furniture, workstations, flooring, millwork, branded murals and media walls. Fine artwork created by children with autism was integrated within the space, as well as inspirational imagery and quotations.
The “inspired office” is an expression of the brand vision, mission, values, personality and promise — it is also a recruitment tool, a second home and a place to hang out that — when done right — fosters innovation.

The Easterseals workplace now represents a transformative hub of innovation, creativity, holistic wellbeing and meaningful experiences. Here, group-based working thrives in an informal, warm and engaging environment where the lines between work, life and play are blurred. The space is strongly influenced by hospitality and residential design, making the office a destination.