How GaggleAMP Leveraged Conversation Orchestrator to Dramatically Increase Customer Demos and Accelerate Revenue Pipeline

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The Challenge: Increase Revenue Acceleration Opportunities and Get Visitors the Information They Want — Faster

GaggleAMP, a pioneer in the Employee Advocacy space, created an easy-to-use tool that enables company employees to be more active on social media, disseminate communications on any channel with fresh content, and become brand ambassadors that facilitate increased active engagement.

Conversation Orchestrator

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Like any growing startup, the driving force behind GaggleAMP’s growth was an intentional focus on their customers. They spend a great deal of time improving product experience and best practices to create a stronger and more cohesive experience across all platforms. Growth via word of mouth continues to be a primary driver of GaggleAMP’s success because its customers continue to take the product from company to company. 

Like many of Molly’s Duggan’s clients, GaggleAMP realized early that Conversational Marketing and Virtual Assistants would play a pivotal role in helping them scale with automation. They realized tremendous power in leveraging conversational marketing to create qualified pipelines and accelerate revenue — just as long as you knew how to apply them in your business.

GaggleAMP searched for a partner that could help them scale their marketing efforts with increased effectiveness and a deeper understanding of their customer’s journey. “The pressure was on to scale marketing and deliver more qualified leads to sales — fast,” says Michelle Brammer, Director of Marketing at GaggleAMP. “We needed to find a solution to our leaky funnel.” And GaggleAMP did just that when they partnered with Conversation Orchestrator, a Molly Duggan Associates service powered by Drift. Immediately, Molly Duggan implemented a Conversational Marketing strategy that fits their business and solves their problems.

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New marketing tools can be overwhelming, and a sophisticated tool like Drift can be challenging when you’re already juggling a marketing stack that always needs to be retooled and tested. 

“To understand Conversational Marketing, you need to have a comprehensive grasp of both sales and marketing’s roles and responsibilities,” says Erik Cochran, Molly Duggan’s Senior Conversation Orchestrator. “Our Virtual Assistants are built from a complete and comprehensive understanding of the customer journey as it relates to education, relieving pain points, and helping visitors take the next logical step.” 

“We needed our AI chatbots to be tour guides along each of our visitors’ journeys,” says Glenn Gaudet, CEO of GaggleAMP.

“We were thinking of throwing in the towel and canceling our Drift subscription,” said Michelle. “It just wasn’t performing for us.” 

“Our chatbots were cumbersome and ineffective in capturing good information. Form-submit abandonment rates were peaking at 60%,” says Michelle.

So what do you do when you have a leaky form-submit funnel?

Just weeks after engaging with Molly Duggan, our booked meetings increased by 800% and continued to increase monthly. Molly Duggan Associates was the right choice.

The Solution: Unleash the Power of Virtual Assistants

Molly Duggan’s Conversation OrchestratorSM (powered by Drift) unleashed the potential of Virtual Assistants by retooling them to be the primary source of information-gathering and intelligent conversation on GaggleAMP’s website.Soon, Virtual Assistants powered over 90% of demo requests, scheduling qualified visitors directly with the right sales rep from within a conversation and presenting helpful pricing at greater transparency. “We were able to surprise and delight our customers with useful and timely information with speed,” says Glenn. “Our salespeople were excited to send customers to our website for case studies knowing that Drift was there to provide a contextual greeting and even schedule a follow-up meeting,” says Michelle. “We were finally able to reduce funnel fallout.”

Conversational Marketing

“Websites aren’t always best for selling services,” says Dean Agen, Client Executive at GaggleAMP. “People sell our service, and our website’s chatbot has created conversations that led to more booked meetings than I could have dreamed of.”

“I love waking up to find that our AI Chatbot has added additional meetings to my calendar” says Dean. “I never feel the need to jump into a conversation due to the fear of losing an opportunity. The bot does it all!”

Smarter Virtual Assistants

As with most early adopters to new marketing technologies, GaggleAMP initially launched fairly generic and non-personalized playbooks. To no surprise, the Virtual Assistants weren’t beneficial and acted more like the perky salesperson that says, “How can I help you?” after entering a store. Most of the time, customers just want to browse. 

Now that Molly Duggan’s Conversation Orchestrator service is onboard, rolling out Smart Virtual Assistants changes everything. Starting with a contextual prompt at the right time and the right place, conversations are happening at scale. 

“We now have good data and better conversations,” says Patrick Cadigan, Client Executive at GaggleAMP. “The handoff from chatbot to booking a meeting is seamless, and my clients leave our website satisfied.”

“With Drift’s new ABM strategies, our AI chatbots now provide more intelligent information for each of my target accounts,” says Patrick. “My conversations are more contextual because I pick up where the bots left off. Right from the start, I’m working with happier customers, which makes it easier to accelerate my pipeline.”

Molly Duggan gets Conversational Marketing! Our website visitors are always greeted with friendly contextualization that drives better engagement and successful results.

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Future-proofing and Scalability

Sales teams are leaner than ever before, and GaggleAMP is no stranger to lean teams. GaggleAMP excels at generating compelling content and visuals to help their prospective and current customers accelerate their employee advocacy programs. 

GaggleAMP generates a lot of traffic. But developing traffic is only the beginning. Molly Duggan’s Conversation Orchestrator creates the handoff with a contextual greeting while delivering helpful guidance and relevant content. And, the intelligent virtual assistant is always prepared to book a meeting or send the customer to the desired next step. 

Seamless scalability allows GaggleAMP to realize conversions any time of day or night, enabling their customers to succeed on their schedules.

Segmentation Strategies

“Winning multiple awards from G2 was amazing for us,” says Michelle. “When Erik reached out to me with an idea to spread the message through Virtual Assistants, it was brilliant. We were able to drive more conversations around our success and drive more booked meetings to our salespeople.”

“The Conversation Orchestrators at Molly Duggan Associates not only build better and more intelligent Virtual Assistants — they continually find new ways to deliver fresh and relevant information to their customers’ websites at the right time and place,” says Michelle. And this is why GaggleAMP relies on Molly Duggan each day to continually refine Drift playbooks and work closely with its marketing efforts to create new and engaging conversations.

Adding Context To Each Visitor Journey

Knowing the name of the visitor’s company isn’t enough. Your visitor is not a company — they’re a representative of their company. If the Virtual Assistant knows your customer’s name from a previous visit or after they click a link from an email — the personalization experience starts immediately at this intersection. Personalization is only part of the story — creating context is where Molly Duggan’s Conversation Orchestrator thrives. 

GaggleAMP relied on Molly Duggan’s Conversation Orchestrators to learn what drives its customers to choose them. Understanding common customer pain points and leveraging this understanding lays the foundation for educational engagements and increases visitor engagement. Offering relevant content and crafting a personalized conversation helps customers proceed confidently along their buying journey,” explains Molly Duggan, CEO of Molly Duggan Associates.

For example, Virtual Assistants were integrated into GaggleAMP’s blog articles so that visitors could have a contextual conversation driven by blog article solutions. This integration delivered intelligent conversations catered to each visitor’s funnel position building momentum and optimizing sitewide experiences. This optimization extended to social media sharing. Any social media share could include a Drift link and open a contextual Virtual Assistant that ignites a conversation or enables a more efficient conversation between the visitor or their assigned sales rep. 

Due to this type of segmentation, the right visitors were exposed to the right playbooks at a strategic cadence and with alternative prompts that were both personal and contextualized — almost like a human was on the other end. Bounce rates fell sharply.

Understanding common customer pain points and leveraging this understanding lays the foundation for educational engagements and increases visitor engagement. Offering relevant content and crafting a personalized conversation helps customers proceed confidently along their buying journey.

The Results: Smarter Virtual Assistants that Drive More Meetings and Opportunities

Molly Duggan Associates, Conversation Orchestrator, transformed GaggleAMP’s Conversational Marketing strategy and elevated the customer experience with more intelligent Virtual Assistants furnishing visitors with appropriate marketing playbooks during each step of the customer journey. Moreover, GaggleAMP’s form submittal abandonment rate — which had grown to 60% — fell precipitously as a result. The gradual implementation of savvy marketing playbooks triggered by on-site behavior increased trust, interest, and relevance for prospective buyers.

Show me the Stats

  1. $220 thousand in pipeline influenced
  2. $143 thousand closed/won influenced
  3. Every 2.8 days, a Drift-engaged client closes
  4. Increased meetings booked via Virtual Assistants by an average of 800% from the previous year without Conversation Orchestrator.

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