How Molly Duggan Accelerated PacificAg’s Journey Toward Decarbonization and Became Their Agency Of Record

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In the face of pressing global climate challenges and a growing emphasis on environmental stewardship, Pacific Ag has embraced a resolute mission: to lead the charge in decarbonizing the economy. Recognizing the need for strategic creativity and technological innovation, Pacific Ag turned to the collaborative expertise of Molly Duggan Creative Technology Agency. As a strategic partner, we embarked on a transformative journey, revitalizing Pacific Ag’s brand identity, meticulously architecting a dynamic online presence, crafting resonant messaging, creation of captivating cinematic short films, original illustrations, animations, and community outreach materials. This multifaceted approach propels Pacific Ag toward a future that’s not only greener but also deeply impactful.


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Challenge: Navigating Decarbonization in a Changing Landscape

Pacific Ag’s evolution into a high-growth phase, combined with organizational changes and the necessity of effectively communicating complex concepts, posed a multifaceted challenge. The existing branding and marketing needed to align with Pacific Ag’s dynamic vision. The website, a crucial touchpoint, required a transformation to focus on community and government outreach, credibility enhancement, and showcasing the depth of the team’s expertise.

“Working with the team at Molly Duggan was transformative. Everyone is just blown away — as am I. What the Molly Duggan team accomplished in 30 days is staggering. One of our industry colleagues looked at the new website and said: ‘whatever you paid them, it wasn’t enough!”

Pacific Ag

How in just 30 days, Molly Duggan helped Pacfic Ag prepare for a crucial next step in its evolution to decarbonize the economy.

Delivering the breathtakingly beautiful and cinematic PacificAg website within just 30 days was was a testament to our team's unwavering dedication and expertise. We thrive on challenges, and meeting this crucial deadline for the PacificAg team showcases our commitment to excellence in every digital endeavor we undertake. Our ability to fuse innovation and technology allowed us to craft a digital experience that not only met expectations but exceeded them. This accomplishment reinforces our belief that with the right blend of collaboration, creativity and technical prowess, we can transform visions into reality at an astonishing pace.

Solution: Navigating Decarbonization in a Changing Landscape

Molly Duggan’s expert guidance ushered Pacific Ag into a new era. The agency adeptly designed and rebuilt Pacific Ag’s website on WordPress, addressing the organization’s pain points and aligning it with future aspirations. Five meticulously crafted templates (PR, News, Case Studies, Blog, and Knowledge Base) were delivered, along with immersive cinematic videos and still photography integrated seamlessly into the website’s design. A cohesive value-driven message framework unified Pacific Ag’s content and brand positioning, creating a compelling narrative. Moreover, Molly Duggan’s ongoing WebOps support relieved Pacific Ag of the need for dedicated staff, providing continuous agile development, personalized visitor experiences, and feature updates.

Results: Shaping Tomorrow: Empowering a Greener and Impactful Future

The collaboration yielded tangible positive outcomes for Pacific Ag’s growth and operations. A comprehensive website was delivered within a remarkable 30-day timeframe, becoming a pivotal tool for the organization. The site showcased Pacific Ag’s unparalleled expertise, illustrated its commitment to sustainability through captivating videos and visuals, and provided a platform for effective community outreach. Molly Duggan’s strategic development services, marketing support, and professional services fortified Pacific Ag’s digital presence, creating a holistic and impactful strategy. The ongoing support and partnership continue to drive Pacific Ag’s journey toward a decarbonized future.

Elevated Collaboration for Sustainable Progress

The collaboration between Molly Duggan Creative Technology Agency and PacificAg exemplifies the power of transformation. As PacificAg leads the charge in decarbonizing the economy and embracing dynamic online presence, the partnership stands strong to shape the future of sustainable agriculture.

If you’re ready for a dynamic refresh, redesign or rebuild of your WordPress website, reach out to Molly Duggan today. Our seasoned professionals are ready to assist you in surmounting technical obstacles and providing the solutions to fuel your success. Don’t hesitate to enhance your digital initiatives – get in touch now to discover more about our offerings.

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Empowering Visionaries: PacificAg's Impact Decarbonizing the Economy

“At Molly Duggan, our mission is to stand beside clients who are fearlessly embracing and addressing global grand challenges. The Pacific Ag partnership embodies this ethos as we collaboratively work towards decarbonization and a more sustainable world. What’s truly inspiring is Pacific Ag’s dedication to creating a greener future for all. The impact of our partnership resonates far beyond the digital realm, fueling positive change on a global scale.”

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