Panavision Created the PanaLab Learning Center to Educate About the Fundamentals Cinematography

What we did


Panavision is not like their competitors. It’s uniqueness is most obvious in its collaborative and emergent culture that cinematographers rely upon.

Panavision is a knowledge sharing institute in the industry where learning is a continuous process. Rapidly changing technology is challenging the industry and no one stands up to that challenge quite like Panavision.


Understanding the integration of engineering, optics, color and workflow is vital to the collaborative role that Panavision plays and cinematographers depend on when reaching out to Panavision as a production partner. As an innovator of optics and as of June 2016, the most revolutionary camera in cinematic history (Millennial DXL), Panavision understands that their high-end equipment is out of reach for many productions but sharing knowledge should never be out of reach. 

In-person seminars are not always feasible to attend, so to achieve a broader reach and to share the knowledge that makes it possible to understand and embrace the evolution of cinematography in a digital age Panavision reached out to their OnDemand Creative Team, Molly Duggan Associates.  


Panavision set out with a goal to share their knowledge about the fundamentals of cinematography through online resources. Molly Duggan Associates OnDemand Creative Team’s experience in corporate learning environments, as well as higher education, was an asset to Panavision when developing the PanaLab Learning Center for Panavision. Molly Duggan Associates was hired to work with Panavision to strategize, design, shoot short films and develop the online environment. We began by identifying the project goals with cinematographers in mind, positioning and assessing what content existed and where there were gaps in content such as providing a way to establish a personal connection with the customer online. The solution was to establish a one-on-one experience with Panavision experts beginning with thought leader, Dan Sasaki, VP of Optical Engineering at Panavision. Molly Duggan Associates produced and a series of short interviews with Mr. Sasaki, highlighting topics such as The Aesthetics of Anamorphic in Film and Digital, Relative Motion, and How the Eyes. The videos are available online whenever and wherever, making it easy for established cinematographers and future cinematographers to pick up the desired knowledge directly before applying it to a new task or project. The knowledge acquired in this way will, therefore, be better integrated resulting in a broader reach for Panavision and an enabling an enhanced brand experience for customers.


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