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San Francisco International Airport

Planning for the Future: The Exceptional Project Delivery Paradigm  

Every great accomplishment starts with a great plan. San Francisco International Airport (SFO) reached out to Molly Duggan Associates to develop a foundational publication, Delivering Exceptional Projects

Molly Duggan Associates has worked on a variety of global aviation projects and was a natural fit for SFO as the Airport takes on projects to enhance the entire passenger journey.

Already regarded as an exemplary airport, SFO intends to become the world’s top customer-ranked Airport and a model for airports worldwide. A stellar passenger journey is essential to achieving this goal. Enhancing the passenger journey begins early with the planning and design phases of the construction engineering process. SFO has developed a method for Exceptional Project Delivery that guides partners in planning, designing, and executing projects. The working methodology of the Structured Collaborative Partnering and Stakeholder Engagement Process provides the vehicle for the journey.

Delivering Exceptional Projects is the culmination of the two earlier Airport publications; The SFO Strategic Plan and The Principles of REACH: Revenue Enhancement and Customer Hospitality, and the Sustainability Planning, Design, and Construction Guidelines – describe the steps SFO is taking to become one of the world’s top-ranked airports. It summarizes the key principles articulated in the Strategic Plan, REACH, and Sustainability publications and presents the ideas that will guide all Airport development.

San Francisco International Airport, Terminal 2 Renovation

The 640,000 square foot, international terminal includes passenger loading bridges with aircraft support systems, baggage handling systems, mezzanine level access to the existing APM system and mechanical and electrical upgrades. LEED Gold certified.

Delivering Exceptional Projects summarizes the fundamental principles articulated in the Strategic Plan, REACH, and Sustainability publications to guide all Airport development. The San Fransisco International Airport (SFO) has developed a unique approach to design and construction projects: Exceptional Project Delivery paradigm — and needed to communicate this plan to diverse audiences such as designers, contractors, construction and project managers, and concessions operators.

Airport management and staff have embraced this collaborative approach that emphasizes cooperation and focuses on establishing trust and support among the Airport and its partners and stakeholders. It is intended to be informative and aspirational. It aims to energize and inspire everyone who wishes to work with SFO as the Airport strives to achieve its goal of an Exceptional Project Outcome.

The Creative Technology Agency set out to help the Airport answer questions like:

What types of facilities will be needed to accommodate the next generation of travelers?

What does the future of SFO look like for up to 5.1 million passengers annually?


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