Silver Peak Aligned Brand, Sales and Marketing and Re-defined Its Brand

Molly Duggan Associates helped this tech leader reposition its brand for growth.

California-based tech company Silver Peak is an established leader in the networking software market, but it needed to reassess its branding and technology with future goals in mind. Silver Peak wanted to define the essence of its brand and refine its marketing strategy and approach. It hired Molly Duggan Associates to lead the effort.

We helped teams at Silver Peak find and define what a fresher, more unified sense of the brand could look like. With this strong foundation in place, it was easier to align sales, marketing, and brand in one cohesive whole. The agency helped Silver Peak optimize its inbound and outbound marketing efforts with a positioning and messaging toolkit, providing marketing assets designed to improve lead responses and inspire loyalty from customers.
Molly Duggan’s comprehensive work transformed Silver Peak’s diverse groups into a synchronized global sales and marketing ops team. By helping to get both sales and marketing teams on the same page, Silver Peak became better positioned to focus on moving leads through their sales funnel.

As part of the project, Molly Duggan delivered coordinated marketing acquisition campaigns using platforms like DemandBase ABM and Google Ads as well as Marketo email nurturing campaigns that integrated with the company’s Drupal content management system.

In addition to brand and market positioning, Molly Duggan delivered powerful assets that educate, entertain, inspire and convert, such as eBooks, case studies, infographics, press releases, datasheets, guides, CEO messages, and lead pages. The agency delivered this content through multi-channel advertising, a Drupal website, and WordPress blog.

Working with Silver Peak’s sales, marketing, and IT teams, Molly Duggan delivered coordinated marketing using platforms such as Demand Base ABM and Google Ads advertising campaigns as well as Marketo email nurturing campaigns and lead conversion landing pages that integrated with the company’s Drupal content management system.

Successful marketing and sales teams use a coordinated framework to align lead funnel velocity with consistent messaging across digital advertising campaigns, responses to sales emails, lead magnets as well as other touches to ensure that a prospect converts to a sale. Working together with you we can help coordinate and refine these areas setting you up for measurable success. — Molly Duggan