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How Silver Peak Positioned Its Brand for the Next Chapter

Erik Cochran

Erik Cochran

Silver Peak has seen brisk growth, adding customers and growing revenue steadily since it was founded in 2004. Based in Santa Clara, California, the technology firm provides wide area network solutions to more than 3,000 customers around the world, including SanDisk and Autodesk.

By 2015, Silver Peak had decided to reassess its marketing efforts, seeking a strategy that matched its innovative spirit and could convey its dynamic growth. The company hired Molly Duggan Associates to help define the brand and advance its marketing strategy.

Step One: A Brand Audit

Molly Duggan Associates conducted a thorough analysis of Silver Peak’s brand, interviewing stakeholders and evaluating competitors, content and information architecture. Informed by this 360° view, Silver Peak could then collaborate with Molly Duggan Associates to assemble a robust framework that outlined its core values, brand promise, key attributes and personality.

Next: A Brand Refresh

Silver Peak sought help establishing a consistent look and feel that was instantly recognizable and differentiated it from the competition. Several agencies were working with the company when the rebranding project began, but none had created the unifying presence it needed.

Molly Duggan Associates delivered a brand that connects with Silver Peak’s most valued audiences and grows brand advocacy. We provided a website redesign, brand playbook and other foundational creative aspects for the brand.

Silver Peak Today

With its refreshed brand, Silver Peak can now rapidly deploy and market new offerings through both print collateral and digital assets. Having built trust with Molly Duggan Associates through its creative services, Silver Peak also turned to us for ongoing Drupal support. For over two years, Molly Duggan Associates has been a part of Silver Peak’s technical team, helping to integrate key marketing and advertising software, install CRM tools and optimize the site for search.

Read the full Silver Peak case study

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