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How Talkdesk Worked with Molly Duggan To Increase Conversation Qualified Leads By 711%

Erik Cochran

Erik Cochran

As with any team, having the right resources can either make or break you. Which is why Talkdesk looked to Molly Duggan’s team of Conversation Orchestrators.

Brian Adam is the Director of Marketing Operations at Talkdesk, a leading cloud-based enterprise contact center. Most recently, Talkdesk raised $100m in Series B funding to help position the company’s current performance and future potential.

Molly Duggan helped us rewrite our playbooks optimizing them so that they convert visits to live sales conversations and sales meetings. Working together we continued to evaluate results, identify friction points and further enhance our playbooks. Conversations tags on specific conversation routes were implemented allowing SDR management to provide coaching and hold reps accountable for their efforts. In addition, we trained our SDR team on best practices for engaging with our web chat visitors."— Brian Adam, Director of Marketing Operations

Brian knew the potential of Conversational Marketing and what it could do for Talkdesk, and he knew he needed a resource to push it to the next level. After selecting Molly Duggan to lead Drifts Conversational Marketing, a 30-day plan was put in place. We quickly assessed the state of Talkdesk’s Drift installation, made recommendations, and finally started creating playbooks that would deliver results.

In just 30 days, Molly Duggan helped influence a 35% ($6.8m) increase in revenue pipeline. The Conversation Qualified Leads jumped 711%. All of this was due to implementing best practices and creating meaningful guided conversations that informed and influenced each visitor’s next step along the customer journey.”— Chandler Galt, Digital Marketing & Demand Generation Leader— Brian Adam, Director of Marketing Operations

During April 2019, Talkdesk has had over 1,300 conversations using Drift, and Molly Duggan generating 308 Conversation Qualified Leads and increasing daily demo requests by over 300%.

Why Molly Duggan?

So why did Brian decide Molly Duggan was the right fit in the first place? There were four main reasons:

  • The Just Browsing option gave Talkdesk visitors a chance for a guided tour that increased engagement and conversions.

  • Qualifying visitors with tagging and better Salesforce attribution syncing informed SDR’s and sales to fast track the sales process.

  • SDR Training with Molly Duggan best practices and guidance allowed SDR’s to join conversations at the right time and when it was helpful to the visitor.

  • SDR’s Were Essential to Molly Duggan’s success. We started by interviewing SDR’s and created bots to replicate common questions and answers, helping SDR’s to focus on customer pain points during their initial conversations.

In just 30 days, Molly Duggan helped influence a 35% ($6.8m) increase in revenue pipeline.— Brian Adam, Director of Marketing Operations

Ready to up your game like Talk Desk?

Start by creating conversations that are meaningful to your visitors that guide them along their journey. Create opportunities that inform and delight your visitors that create new relationships. Focus on what they’re looking for and help them navigate your service offering through a conversation. Don’t be afraid to ask the experts for help and boost conversations while increasing leads.

Schedule a conversation with one of our Conversation Orchestrators NOW.

Conversational marketing is the fastest way to move buyers through your marketing and sales funnels through the power of real-time conversations. It builds relationships and creates authentic experiences with customers and buyers.

Conversational marketing is the ability to have 1:1 personal conversations across multiple channels – meeting customers how, when, and where they want. It is more than just live chat – it extends to phone calls, texts, Facebook Messenger, email, Slack, and more — basically any channel in which a customer wants to communicate with your brand.

Let’s talk about conversational marketing and its benefits, how it will help your business grow, and what you need to build a successful conversational marketing strategy.

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