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Easterseals Northern California, a vital nonprofit supporting families dealing with autism and disabilities, faced a significant challenge in the lead-up to a national branding launch. Their existing proprietary content management system (CMS) was not seamlessly integrating with other technology solutions, jeopardizing their ambitious project timeline. Paul Meijer, Executive at Easterseals, recalls, “We had struggled over several months to stand up a website on Amazon Web Services using a non-standard CMS platform. When we realized that we were not going to be successful and make our deadline, we turned to Molly Duggan Associates.”  


As Easterseals Bay Area geared up for a national branding launch, they encountered a critical roadblock. Their proprietary content management system (CMS), which was essential for managing their digital presence, proved to be incompatible with the technology stack required for the branding launch. This misalignment threatened to derail their project timeline and left them seeking a rapid and effective solution.

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Rapid turnaround: From challenge to scalable platform in weeks

Molly Duggan Associates quickly grasped what we needed, how we wanted the company brand/image/message to be presented and developed the right toolset for us. They are a joy to work with. — Paul Meijer, Senior Vice President, Customer Enablement and Technology Services


In their quest to overcome this digital hurdle, Easterseals Northern California turned to Molly Duggan Associates, a trusted partner renowned for creative technology solutions. Together, they embarked on a transformative journey to create a more agile and efficient content management system (CMS) capable of seamless integration with other vital technologies.

After thorough evaluation, the solution was clear: migrate to Drupal 8, a versatile and robust content management system. The decision to adopt Drupal 8, a custom distribution tailored to Easterseals’ unique needs, was a pivotal one. This Drupal 8 distribution, hosted by Pantheon’s upstream connection, offered the scalability, flexibility, and consistency required to support Easterseals Northern California’s extensive network, which included over 70 global affiliates, partners, and customers. The distribution leveraged Pattern Lab to ensure the development of thoughtful, pattern-driven user interfaces.

In a remarkably short span, Molly Duggan Associates delivered Easterseals Northern California a brand-new Drupal 8 website equipped to serve as a template for other branches. Erik Cochran, CTO for Molly Duggan, reflects on the project’s speed and success, stating, “The week after the distribution went live, we were asked to demo a new site for stakeholders in Hawaii. In just a few days, we spun up a new website from the distribution with migrated content from the Hawaii website, along with the new design. Everyone was impressed.”


For Easterseals Northern California, what was once a lengthy and challenging process of constructing a new, scalable website became remarkably swift and triumphant. Paul Meijer, Senior Vice President, Customer Enablement and Technology Services, expresses his satisfaction, saying, “Molly and her team provide amazing design capabilities, a savvy tech skillset, and high speed of execution. Their involvement took only a few weeks, and we have a scalable platform that supports our needs moving forward.”

Molly Duggan Associates’ expertise and Drupal 8 solution not only saved time but also ensured brand consistency and flexibility in design and functionality. Easterseals Northern California now possesses a digital infrastructure that aligns seamlessly with their organizational goals, supporting their mission to assist families coping with autism and disabilities.

In the world of nonprofit organizations, where every second counts in making a difference, Molly Duggan Associates empowered Easterseals Northern California to thrive in the digital age, equipping them with the tools needed to communicate their mission effectively.

At Molly Duggan Associates, we are honored to have partnered with Easterseals Northern Califorinia on their transformative journey. This case study exemplifies the power of collaboration, innovation, and technology in driving positive change for organizations that make a profound impact on our communities. We are proud to have played a role in helping Easterseals Northern California achieve their mission of supporting families and individuals facing autism and disabilities.— Molly Duggan, CEO of Molly Duggan Associates


The successful collaboration between Easterseals Northern California and Molly Duggan Associates demonstrates the power of creative technology solutions. By embracing Drupal 8, the organizations elevated their digital infrastructure, ensuring agility, scalability, and efficiency.

This transformation not only saved time but also positioned Easterseals Northern California to fulfill their mission effectively. Molly Duggan Associates’ ability to grasp their client’s needs, align their brand image, and provide the right technology tools underscores their commitment to empowering organizations to thrive in the digital era.

Are you ready to transform your digital landscape? Would you like to learn more about our work with Easterseals? Contact Molly Duggan Associates for expert guidance and solutions tailored to your unique needs.

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