A Brand Refresh Connects Panavision to New Audiences

What we did


With a deep and rich history in the motion picture industry, Panavision could easily have been a company that rested on its laurels – but they did not.

When it became clear that Panavision was not effectively connecting with all of its audiences, they looked to Molly Duggan Associates for a solution. Although Panavision is considered essential by many established movie and TV production professionals, many younger people in its industry were not identifying with the brand as hoped. Despite its ongoing leadership in optics and production support, sluggish and aesthetically outdated websites were only reinforcing this misperception.

The solution?

Molly Duggan Associates worked closely with Panavision to refresh the brand and started by designing a dynamic, fresh new fully responsive website to reaffirm Panavision’s reputation as the leading innovator in its field. Based on Molly Duggan Associates’ track record, the Panavision team had high expectations for a revivified brand identity and dynamic new website—and they needed both within 4 months to coincide with the unveiling of their newest product innovation: the PrimoV lens series.

Molly Duggan Associates conducted extensive stakeholder interviews and brand analysis, and delivered a completely updated website that simultaneously captures the historical achievements of the Panavision company and its enthusiastic embrace of the emerging challenges of film and digital production in the 21st century.

Because Panavision is at the epicenter of high precision imagery and applied innovation a strong visual language is vital to the company’s brand. To capture the brand experience, Molly Duggan Associates spent several days photographing at Panavision and delivered a comprehensive image library representing the fresh and hip, yet sophisticated culture that connects with Panavision’s most important audiences.

But it doesn’t stop there. Molly Duggan Associates delivered a localized website strategy ensuring a broader reach through domain based language presets enabling in-country authors to create content in their language.  A cohesive localized website with multiple regional subsites gives Panavision more control over the content while ensuring brand consistency through its multilingual website. Molly Duggan Associates On Demand Creative Services and Website Support makes it easy for Panavision to maintain the integrity of their brand essence across all media and guarantee a reliable online customer experience.

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Client Summary

Founded in 1954, Panavision is the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of high-precision lenses for the motion picture and television industries, and one of the world’s leading providers of camera systems, including both film and digital cameras. Panavision also supplies lighting, grip and crane equipment for use by motion picture and television productions, and offers 24/7 service support around the globe.


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