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AI Hybrids: Humans and AI are working together to provide excellent customer support

Erik Cochran

Erik Cochran

How chatbots are helping businesses have more meaningful conversations with their customers

Some worry that AI will take over the world or replace jobs. We like to think of AI as a helper for tedious tasks and a tool for delivering fast responses to repetitive inquiries. Support teams field many common questions: Expecting a real person to answer those same questions time and again is expensive for companies and mind-numbing for employees.

Increasingly, customers are spending more time with conversational interfaces—hink Apple’s Siri or Amazon’s Alexa. This lightning-fast response time has trained customers to expect immediate and real-time responses to their inquiries.

Customers can become frustrated when waiting for a live person and this lag time can harm your brand.

By enlisting a hybrid approach — AI working together with your human customer support — you can tackle the nuanced questions while the bots tackle questions like, “How much does your product cost?” or “How do I get started using your product?

By thoughtfully and skillfully managing customer interactions, you can make sure each interaction provides an opportunity for a meaningful connection that leads your customers toward brand loyalty.

Imagine how using AI can help free up valuable time for your human customer-facing teams and improve your business. At Molly Duggan, we’re helping customer support organizations deliver immediate responses without writing a single line of code. It’s easier than ever to provide answers to common questions and route visitors to the right people and departments with chatbots. By automating tasks, customer support can focus on providing the human touch to complex problems.

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