Why are companies ditching lead forms?

Erik Cochran

Erik Cochran

Lead forms are the No. 1 way that companies are collecting leads and vital information. Why are more companies ditching them?

Lead forms have been the most traditional method of collecting visitor information to build a sales funnel. But the reality is that most buyers don’t want to fill out a form on gated content. They can easily leave and find similar content elsewhere. In fact, the conversion rate on gated content is so low, it’s puzzling why companies are spending so much money, time, and effort on something that’s so ineffective. Simple answer: Everyone’s doing it and they don’t know any better.

According to LinkedIn, 87% of visitors to gated content chose not to fill out a form.

Today, smart companies are dropping lead forms and replacing them with orchestrated conversations, or conversational marketing. What is conversational marketing? Using real people or chatbots, conversational marketing delivers a real-time conversation while delivering useful content such as case studies or eBooks.

Today, smart companies are dropping lead forms and replacing them with conversations.

How many times have you come across a web page with a form that asks for everything under the sun before you can get the content? Now consider that same page with one simple button: “Download Now.” Instead of facing field after blank field to fill out before you get your content, you have a much easier task: Answer the bot’s friendly prompt.

Hi there,
Thank you for your interest in this amazing ebook.
What’s is your email address so I can send you the ebook?

With most conversational marketing chatbots that include a Clearbit integration, the email address tells you everything about that person. If you need more information, just ask after you get their email.

If you’re writing a blog post like this one and you want to move someone into the sales funnel, don’t direct them to another page. Start a conversation from a link and create an educational opportunity for your visitor to show how you’re an expert. Start engaging with your visitors wherever they are on your website and make it easier for your visitors to talk to you at that moment.

If you’re interested in creating a strategy to integrate conversational marketing or chatbots into your marketing plan, we can get you up and running with light speed. You can bet your competition is considering it. Don’t be left behind.

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