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Molly Duggan

Molly Duggan

What you can expect

We want to fully understand your vision. That’s why we begin by listening. Then we ask questions and listen some more. Next, we put pen to paper and fingers to keyboard to develop a plan that will bring your vision to life. After that, we ask more questions and continue to listen. Once we agree on the plan, we start architecting. We then share the results with you and keep on listening. Finally, we are ready design and build. And when your plan goes live, we will stay at your side providing ongoing guidance, performance metrics, and on-demand support to ensure that your message stays vibrant and alive for the duration of your campaign or the life of your company.


Molly Duggan Associates provides total life-cycle service to its visionary clients. We are your full-service communications partner. From sharpening your vision and honing your brand identity and message to establishing your online presence, we are with you. We create vital intranet tools, and we design and produce marketing and advertising collateral to support your core mission and values.

What We're Thinking About

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