The Top 10 Reasons To Use Drupal In Higher Education

Erik Cochran

Erik Cochran

Enhance Your Higher Ed Website with Advanced Drupal Capabilities

Elevate your university’s online presence through strategic Drupal features. Discover how Molly Duggan Associates can optimize your digital landscape for superior engagement, control, and collaboration. From responsive design to single sign-on and robust content management, we offer a tailored solution perfect for higher education institutions.

1. Multi-Domain Functionality

Strengthen your university’s brand with seamless sub-domains like admissions.myuniversity.edu and financialaid.myuniversity.edu. Empower departments to manage subsites independently without maintaining multiple websites.

2. Responsive Design

Cater to mobile preferences of today’s college students with responsive site design. Utilize Drupal’s diverse starter themes to ensure flawless performance across devices.

3. Workflow Modules

Facilitate content authoring with Drupal’s workflow modules. Empower contributors while retaining control over content creation, editing, and publishing. Email notifications keep everyone informed.

4. Content & User Access Control

Administer granular control over content visibility based on context, permissions, access levels, and roles. Ensure the right information reaches the right audience.

5. Multilingual Capabilities

Reach a global audience with Drupal’s internationalization suite. Seamlessly add content versions in multiple languages and implement language workflows for effective communication.

6. Taxonomy System

Organize content intuitively using Drupal’s robust taxonomy system. Group and classify content to enhance user experience and site navigation.

7. Collaboration Modules

Leverage Drupal’s powerful collaboration tools for efficient document management and team communication. Enhance research and internal collaboration effortlessly.

8. Single Sign-On

Seamlessly integrate with your institution’s existing authentication system or use Drupal as your identity management solution. Streamline user access for a seamless experience.

9. Community Support

Starting your Drupal journey? Benefit from extensive support through higher education and local user groups. Get guidance and assistance both online and through in-person meetups.

10. Build, Design, and Support

Join Molly Duggan Associates to transform your higher education site. Explore our OnDemand Drupal support and learn why institutions worldwide choose us for designing, building, and managing their CMS. Join us for a 20-minute Q&A to explore Drupal’s potential for your university’s success.

Unlock the Potential of Drupal for Your Higher Ed Institution. Contact Us Today!

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