The Top 10 Reasons To Use Drupal In Higher Education

Erik Cochran

Erik Cochran

1. Multi-Domain Functionality

Develop a single brand and deploy multiple subsites using sub-domains admissions.myuniversity.edu, financialaid.myuniversity.edu, etc. This functionality provides brand authority to the school and allows departments and schools to control their site content and features without the need to maintain multiple sites.

2. Responsive Design

9 out of 10 college students own a smartphone. Building a responsive site on a Content Management Framework is a no-brainer. Drupal makes it easy with many starter theme’s to work from.

3. Workflow Modules

Drupal’s workflow modules place professional authoring tools in the hands of everyone while providing granular control over who authors, edits and publishes content. Each step along the way can be communicated via email notifications to the people that need to take action.

4. Content & User Access Control

Site administrators can quickly control who can view content based on context, permissions, access love, and role.

5. Multilingual

Drupal internationalization suite of modules provides a workflow for adding new versions of content in your preferred language including providing language workflow.

6. Taxonomy System

Drupal has an incredible way of classifying content. Taxonomy libraries can be used to group content any way you like it.

7. Collaboration Modules

Drupal provides powerful collaboration features and document management for back-end users.  Drupal is a prime system for supporting internal teams and research for university and college websites because of its wide array of collaboration tools.

8. Single Sign-On

It’s almost a standard that most every higher education institution has an existing authentication system. If you don’t have one, you can even use Drupal as your identity management system. Now that’s robust!

9. Community Support

Just starting out with Drupal? There are multiple higher education user groups as well as local user groups that meet almost months in-person and provide online help.

10. Build, Design, and Support

Colleges and Universities choose Molly Duggan Associates to design, build and support Drupal sites every day. Join us for a 20-minute Q&A where you can ask all the questions your heart desires. Learn why more and more, higher education institutions are using Molly Duggan Associates OnDemand Drupal support to Design, Build and Manage their Content Management System.

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