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Intelligent Virtual Assistants are advancing access to higher education.

Molly Duggan

Molly Duggan

Ranking among higher education is incredibly competitive. In addition to the rankings of specific programs, departments, and schools, a university’s website can be a tipping point during the decision-making process. 

As the first digital touchpoint on your visitors’ journey, it can shape how students and parents think about your institution – it’s absolutely crucial to make this touchpoint count.

Constant communication among students and alumni is time-consuming and often complicated, and while your website is a rich resource of information, it can often fall short of fulfilling your visitors’ needs.

Universities want personalized and student-centric engagement that provides a terrific visitor experience. After all, meaningful conversations that lead to great connections are the core to enduring relationships. 

As the pandemic made face-to-face activities challenging, universities were forced to digitally transform and look for more cost-effective ways to anticipate visitor needs while simplifying and increasing response times. 

Some universities turned to simple human-powered chatbots. Unfortunately, these often fail. Without a strategic workflow, this solution can do more damage than good especially during recruitment and enrollment.

The connected world creates a digital imperative for companies. They must succeed increating transformation through technology, or they’ll face destruction at the hands of their competitors that do.– from “Embracing Digital Technologies” (MIT)

Starting, completing and submitting an application and ultimately enrolling is a long journey. And, choosing a college or university is a significant financial investment for anyone and their family. Financial stress layered with a complicated application process can be an insurmountable barrier for some students.

During each phase of the journey the student needs a variety of critical information and overall support. Answering common questions about applying for financial aid, meeting with an academic advisor, or career services can set your organization apart from the others by delivering personalized, contextual information immediately. 

A Guided Journey

An Intelligent Assistant not only answers questions and delivers resources, it acts as a guide providing terrific conversations that solve problems while driving students toward a live conversation with a human whenever a human is needed by scheduling an appointment. 

It’s easy when you use Molly Duggan Associates Conversation Orchestrator service to power your university’s Intelligent Assistant.

Intelligent Assistants can deliver consistent and coordinated recruiting and alumni campaigns. Coordinating digital ad campaigns to event-specific playbooks creates continuity and helps  keep students and alumni interested and connected.

Create engagement campaigns to keep students on track. A customized campaign gets super-charged when digital ads are synced with an Intelligent Virtual Assistant. Follow-up a campaign with a live “Ask Me Anything” event. Not only can the campaign be integrated with the virtual assistant’s prompts and responses but Drift video can play a powerful role in post-consult communications when used to respond instead of video. 

Simplify requests with an Intelligent Virtual Assistant. When students need quick access to campus visitor information, virtual tours, application requirements, admissions status, list of majors, social media accounts, career center resources, graduation information, or to schedule appointments — it can all be handled by the Intelligent Virtual Assistant.

Anticipating Needs with Behaviorally-based Interactions Molly Duggan Associates can help you anticipate the needs of all your website visitors. Our Conversation Orchestrator, service-powered by Drift — the world’s leading virtual assistant technology, is the fastest way to provide self-service to your website visitors and drive instant visitor-friendly results.

Conversation Orchestrator is an Intelligent Virtual Assistant that makes short work of critical functions such as contextualized conversations, escalations to humans, and answering common questions. Each of your website visitors can expect an actionable guide and the launch of sophisticated workflows that drive results and reduce friction. 

Intelligent Assistants improve the recruitment process by driving better responses to communications. For instance, reps can make themselves available for live, “Ask Me Anything: sessions via live chat on the website. Reps can also use Drift Video instead of email to cut through inbox clutter and Drift video is perfect for engaging video-centric audiences. 

Enjoy better student experiences, improve and accelerate the recruitment process, and increase operational efficiencies while building a superior visitor experience. You can also book meetings with staff and capture lead information through a personalized experience integrated with your CRM, ERP, and LMS.

All of this is made possible with an Intelligent Virtual Assistant and Conversation Orchestrator by Molly Duggan Associates.

Start greeting your visitors by name and offer them helpful and friendly guidance while reducing the friction.

Curious if Conversation Orchestrator is right for your university or college? Schedule a demo with a conversation orchestrator today.

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