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What can we learn from Intelligent Connectivity?

Molly Duggan

Molly Duggan

It’s never been more critical to connect with visitors in a meaningful way that’s hyper-personal. Businesses are quickly learning to create meaningful interactions that are both educational and aspirational.

But what does it mean to be hyper-personal, educational and aspirational?


If we want to connect with our digital visitors in a meaningful way, our messaging and calls-to-action should be targeted. For instance, if your visitor is looking at your pricing page, what should they do next? Make a purchase? Maybe.

But what if they’re checking to see if your product or service is in line with their budget or expectations. How are you guiding them to the next step? It would be ideal if you were able to reach out and have a one-on-one conversation with that same visitor to guide them along.

With conversational marketing, you have an opportunity to customize each conversation based on where the visitor came from, where they are, and whether they’ve interacted with your site before. If you already know who they are, the conversation has an opportunity to be hyper-personal, enabling a higher conversation rate that leads to a conversion.


I think you’ll agree that most visitors to your site are looking for information about your service or products. All sales and marketing interactions are centered around educating your customers. If you were having that conversation directly with your customer, you would ask questions, confirm and show empathy, and finally make a recommendation around your offering. But when your website visitors visit your site, they’re left to fend for themselves trying to navigate levels of navigations and CTA’s that are tailored to their specific needs.

Now imagine a guide waiting eagerly to help your visitors by asking questions and providing answers that educate your visitors by creating trust and awareness of our offering. Take it a step further and provide your visitors the ability to ask natural language questions and deliver instant responses that offer value and qualify your visitors in real-time.


Every brand dreams of growing up to be a role model brand that everyone looks to and responds to. The Amazon of e-commerce. The eBay of bid shopping. Each interaction you have with visitors allows your brand to be aspirational.

Your website visitors crave an experience that’s memorable and engaging that they can share. By using natural language in your chatbots, your visitors can learn more about your brand at incredible speeds.

Delivering a hyper-personal, educational, and aspirational experience for your visitors is a reality with conversational marketing.

To learn more about our conversation orchestrator service, chat with our bot now, and learn how we create a hyper-personal, educational, and aspirational experience for you.

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