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Trading Calculators for Lead-Generating Conversation

Erik Cochran

Erik Cochran

Marketers use ROI calculators and forms in an attempt to create educational opportunities and generate demand all over the web. But do people actually use them? What happens when you finish the ROI form? Oh, that’s right, fill out another form and wait for someone to review it and get back to you. This could take days or weeks.

In fact, some ROI calculators seem so difficult, it’s surprising if they’re filled out at all. Does this sound familiar? Do you have one of these long or confusing ROI calculators on your website? Even CRM giants like Hubspot are using ROI calculators. The problem isn’t just the ROI calculator or the giant web form that follows them. It’s the unsatisfying experience they offer for users. If you’re a B2B company and your customers are willing to try the ROI calculator or fill out a web form to get to premium content, why not create a conversation in real time to facilitate the interaction?

How to create an educational bot that generates demand?

Let’s say you have this great idea on how to qualify your visitors and you’ve created the top 5 questions that help you understand your client’s pain points or opportunities for improvement. In a normal conversation, you might ask a series of questions and, depending on the answers you deliver each response in a way that educates the customer. Now imagine being able to have multiple conversations with multiple customers at the same time. Now you can!

Conversational marketing provides you with the opportunity to gather information from your visitors while educating them and possibly creating the feeling that they’re missing out on a potential solution (yours) that would improve sales or make their life easier for them.

For instance, let’s say your chatbot asks, “Are you using ABM in your marketing strategy?” You could offer a couple of choices for your visitor to choose from, Yes, No, or What is ABM? If they choose “Yes”, your bot would respond with, “You’re obviously an enterprise organization with a focus on key accounts.” If they choose “No”, your bot could create some FOMO: “You might be missing out on engaging earlier in the sales process with higher value opportunities. You can start aligning strategic marketing initiatives with sales and account management strategies to maximize the value of your marketing campaigns.” If they choose “What is ABM?”, your bot could provide an educational response: “Account-based marketing (ABM), also known as key account marketing, is a strategic approach to B2B marketing based on goals for specific target accounts.”

As you can see, one question can provide multiple opportunities to engage, educate, and make your company the expert in your field, creating trust and building advocacy.

If you could talk to your website visitors right now, what would your top 5 questions be? What are the answers that you’re likely to get? How would you respond to each of the answers? How would you convert the conversation into an opportunity? Tell us and let us create conversational marketing for you. Your first bot is free!

Try our automated marketing audit and see if you learn something. If you want to learn how to make conversational marketing part of your marketing plan, let’s talk now.

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