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Is upgrading to Drupal 8 all it’s cracked up to be?

Erik Cochran

Erik Cochran

If you’re on Drupal 6, the short answer is yes and do it quick. If you’re on Drupal 7, ideally yes, but you still have some time. Here’s why you should consider it today and how it could help your organization.

We could go on about how fantastic Drupal 8 is for the content author or developer, with over 200 new features and improvements, because it is. But for ambitious organizations, the journey is not about the content author and developer — it’s about stellar customer experiences. Rather than focus on Drupal 8 as a lifesaver for your content author or developer, let’s focus on how it supports a consistent and coordinated brand experience.

Reach more customers, with blazing speed, and with a secure platform in your customer's language. — Erik Cochran, CTO, Molly Duggan

When a customer clicks on a digital advertisement and lands on your home page, or goes searching for more information, he or she expects a seamless experience.

Drupal 8 is packed with new features to help your marketing team reach its customer acquisition goals, with features like multilingual functionality, blazingly fast page loads, and industry-leading security. It’s all part of one project without extra modules.

Drupal-enabled martech helps marketing identify the company’s most valuable customers, deliver and track targeted campaigns, and enables sales to close deals.

By including more features and functionality in Drupal 8’s core, developers are able to spend more time focusing on delivering a user experience that achieves organizational goals and pushes marketing’s reach.

See how Princess Cruises is using its Drupal-based Princess@Sea mobile site to connect the passengers, crew, and events onboard its fleet of ships using Drupal 8.

Start building your Drupal 8 site today on Pantheon or Acquia, and if you’re considering upgrading to Drupal 8 today, visit our upgrade to Drupal 8 hub or talk to Molly Duggan about creating an upgrade strategy.

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