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Molly Duggan Associates is a multi-disciplined creative technology agency with the experience and expertise to deliver powerful strategic communications to your audiences. Our services provide brands a real and measurable presence in the lives of their customers across all media channels and each brand touchpoint.

"So they cut your marketing team in half, you’re totally overwhelmed and the new brand is scheduled to launch next quarter...now what?"

Drupal Support People LOVE

By subscribing to our online easy-to-access Drupal support, your marketing team can produce relevant lead nurturing content without delay. Now that’s support marketing people can love. Free Project Management and Experts that speak your language.

Empowering Visionaries to educate, engage, and expand.

Learn about our strategic work for CalTeach and how we can bring your vision to life. —


Journey mapping creates a holistic view of the customer experience.

We deliver brands and their message through unique and effective media that grows advocacy and builds brand success. No brands' challenges are identical, and so the journey is always different. It’s our flexible, proven process that ensures that we arrive successfully. Ask how we can help you improve your customers' journey.