We help the world's leading brands accelerate change and grow revenue through purpose-driven experiences delivered to the people who matter most.

Brand Strengthening
Brand Strategy and Implementation
Is it time to rethink your brand equity?

Five things that cause customers to demand one brand over another: awareness, relevant differentiation, value, accessibility and emotional connection. See how we transform brands.

Digital Marketing
WebOps: Drupal & WordPress Support
Supercharge your marketing team.

Whether it’s redesigning your website, integrating your Martech stack, or creating new marketing features, we support your enterprise website with a focus on what’s important to you.

Revenue Acceleration
Marketing & Sales Technology Integration
Turn your website into a sales engine.

Accelerate revenue with Conversation Orchestrator. Contextual conversations remove the friction from business buying. Start conversations with real people with real needs in real-time. And do it at scale.

Brilliant Experience

Deliver a customer-centric journey.

Have you ever visited a store with the intent to purchase something but couldn’t find anyone to help you? What if your only option was a clipboard with written instructions asking you to write down your contact details. For those who aren’t using conversational marketing, this is what your customers experience.

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Brilliant Brand

Refresh your brand and grow revenue.

While a rebrand is a total reset, a brand refresh allows a company to refine and highlight its unique position in the marketplace, focus on how the brand is experienced in moments of intersection with your buyers, and reinforce its value with the people who matter most.

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Brilliant Growth

Gain real-time understanding of your visitors.

At Molly Duggan Associates, we help the world’s leading brands accelerate revenue through purpose-driven experiences delivered to the people who matter most.

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Brand and Marketing Performance Audit

Manage your brand touchpoints boldly and decisively​

Case Study:
Berkeley Lab


FLEXLAB® allows users to develop and test energy-efficient building and grid technologies individually or as an integrated system, under real-world conditions. 

“This is the world’s most advanced integrated building and grid technologies testbed. It looks at buildings and systems as a whole, and discovers opportunities to integrate with renewables and the grid.”

—Cindy Regnier, Executive Director, FLEXLAB

Case Study:

CalTeach Brand Identity and Campaign Development comes to life

The brand identity and advertising campaign developed by Molly Duggan Associates begins with the primary challenge of raising CalTeach’s brand equity and proceeds from there to instill the idea that teachers can be among the most significant change agents in the modern world.


Case Study: How UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital Foundation Brought New Energy to Its Brand and Strengthened its Future

Case Study:
The City of
San Francisco

A branded campaign for a world class city 

The brand created for The City and County of
San Francisco $19 billion Capital Plan represents the City’s commitment to building a more resilient and vibrant future.

Silver Peak

Case Study: How the Silicon Valley Tech Company Positioned Its Brand for the Next Chapter

Many organizations face challenges in establishing a cohesive voice across their outbound marketing channels spanning web, collateral, and digital assets. We partnered with Molly Duggan Associates to gain a 360-degree view of our brand values and positioning, aligning it across all touch points from digital to print. With Molly Duggan Associates we were able to refine our brand positioning, messaging, personality, and promise, tying it tightly together with our customers’ evolving journey.

Case Study:
San Francisco
Public Utility
Commission Critical Infrastructure

How to save a 100-year-old water system that serves the San Francisco Bay Area

The aging Hetch Hetchy Water System delivers water to 1.8 million citizens, businesses, and community organizations in the Greater Bay Area and needed the support of Molly Duggan Associates to develop a brand identity, strategic communications outreach plan, and digital marketing for the 10 year $4.8 billion infrastructure program. 

Pacific Ag

How in just 30 days, Molly Duggan helped Pacfic Ag prepare for a crucial next step in its evolution to decarbonize the economy.

Working with the team at Molly Duggan was transformative. Everyone is just blown away — as am I. What the Molly Duggan team accomplished in 30 days is staggering. One of our industry colleagues looked at the new website and said: ‘whatever you paid them, it wasn’t enough!'


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